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Marine Chemicals

Sohar Chemicals is supplying well-known marine chemicals which have proved extremely useful in this sector. We keep ready stock of Degreasers, Oil Spill Dispersants, Deck Cabin Cleaning chemicals, Ship Deck & Ship Engine Room Cleaners, Oil Sludge Cleaner, Rig Wash, etc. We have more than 25 years of experience in the Marine chemical supply industry. Our brand “RXSOL” strengthens our presence. If you are a Ship Chandler or Ship Service provider, connect with us and we will match price of our competitors (when proof is provided).

Tank Cleaning Chemicals

We manufacture Tank Cleaning Chemicals of different varieties. We understand that ship tanks, or other tanks, contain different cargo and it is very important to clean the tanks before loading another cargo. Sohar Chemicals manufactures and supplies premium quality Tank Cleaning Chemicals for different Cargo like Pet Coke Remover (for Coal containing Cargo), RXSOL Advance Tank Clean for Cargo Tank which are carrying Heavy Aromatic , hydrocarbon solvent and, natural Latex etc.

RO Chemicals

Reverse Osmosis Systems require chemicals for anti scaling or descaling, etc. We provide premium quality of RO Chemicals. In our experience of 25 years, our chemicals have never destroyed any system they are applied to. This is because of the extensive tests they are gone through. We keep ready stock of Antiscalants, Descaling Liquid Chemicals, Biocides etc.

Heavy Duty Marine Equipment

We have heavy duty Marine Equipment like Diaphragm Pumps, Air Pumps, Hoses, Inlet & Outlet pipes etc. We have all these equipment in our warehouse in Oman specially reserved for supplying to Ships, Industries, Ship Chandlers, etc. Connect with us to get the best price for these classic Marine equipments in Oman.

Logistic Services

We provide logistics services such as warehousing and storage, transport and distribution, mover services, freight and custom declaration and all necessary services till the port. We are committed to the safety of the environment and hence most of our products are eco-friendly, bio-degradable and meet international quality standards. Know More.

Ship Chandling Services

Through the years we have built a network of strong and close business relations providing clients with fast and reliable services, and high-quality products at reasonable prices with fast delivery response time. Our services are built around providing you with the best quality products at a very low cost. All your quotations will be answered by our  experts.
We have a track record of supplying good within a couple of hours for urgent requirements.

Membership Plans

We are marine chemical supplier since 1996. Which include different sets of marine cleaning and maintenance products. Our main goal is to provide the best services to our valued customers. Our services are built around providing you with best quality products at very low cost. We belive that this will help you to mazimize the benefits. Know More

24×7 Support

RXSOL brand has its own manufacturing strength. Our in-house professional knowledge acquired in many years of passionate work in this field gives us an opportunity to add to our company policy is to provide full concentrated strength of products to minimize packaging and transportation costs to our end users along with suggestions.

Tank cleaning Solutions

Knowledge base and support

Tank cleaning tips

Tank cleaner knowledge base is to provide the valuable tank cleaning related guidelines/tips provided by chemical manufacturing company RX MARINE INTERNATIONAL offering a wide range of marine chemical products to include maintenance, tank cleaning, and water treatment, fuel oil treatment, swimming pool chemicals, PVC heat stabilizers, and others. We are committed to the safety of the environment and hence most of our products are eco-friendly, bio-degradable and meet international quality standards. Read More

Technical Support

For any kind of technical support regarding our products. If you have pre-sales questions about our products or have other, non-technical support questions, you can contact us or submit request 24×7 anywhere any time.

Product Video Demonstration

We are also providing the Demo video of our products along with instruction and using the procedure. Your 5 minutes to visit will solve your maximum problem related to the maintenance/tank cleaning, boiler water, cooling water treatment. view all listed products

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