About us

Sohar Chemical is committed to the safety of the environment and hence most of our products are eco-friendly, bio-degradable and meet international quality standards. Sohar Chemical supply various types of hold cleaning products like High Foam Emulsifier Cleaner, Tuff High Foam conc., Engine Room Maintenance Chemicals

Sohar Chemical is one of the largest Marine chemical supplier in Sohar. Now you can buy modern technology different variety of Marine Chemicals: Degreasers, Emulsifiers, Oil Spill Dispersants, Tank Cleaner in Sohar Oman. Just mail us at: soharchemical@gmail.com and book you order in Sohar Oman

We can match all the prices of formulatory products of our competitors provided you bring proof of their quotation.
Apart from heavy duty cleansers and ship maintenance, boiler and cooling tower chemicals, we also keep stock of Diaphragm Pumps, Air suction pumps, Hoses, Pipes, pH meters etc. Contact us for any of your requirements.
For raw materials, contact www.muscatchemical.com

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